Untrainable Dogs

There are no ‘untrainable’ dogs, of course, but below are a few who were a real challenge to train.  They started off with serious problems, but using clicker training, and allowing plenty of  time, you can see their journeys, by watching their videos.

Roxy was very afraid when she arrived. I had her for nearly a year, and she was ‘adopted’ at one point, though not into a good situation. She came back to me several months later, and I continued her training.

Diary of a Foster Dog, Chapter One

Diary of a Foster Dog, Chapter Two

Diary of a Foster Dog, Chapter Three

Diary of a Foster Dog, Chapter Four

Diary of a Foster Dog, Chapter Five

And then she got adopted!

The videos above (and more) are on a DVD that I have available. Contact me for more information on this DVD.

Coda was off the charts when she first arrived, screaming, pulling, choking at anything that moved, or might move. I am still working with Coda, and although much better, she still can be reactive. Clicker training is helping her learn to be calmer, and to relax. I also follow the lessons in ‘Control Unleashed’ (Leslie McDevitt) and did the Relaxation Exercises (Karen Overall Ph.D.)

Teaching Loose Leash Walking
I spent many hours doing this first, to condition her to notice me.

Coda Level One

Coda, a Training Challenge
This is what it was like, walking to the door to go outside, after a lot of training.

Coda Looks at Level Two

Coda Plays the Come Game:

And then she got adopted!

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  1. Leslie
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 10:51:53

    These are great videos. My friend just adopted a aussie shepard that was trained with a shock collar with its first owner. The dog is so high strung but my friend is doing her best to comfort it and rehabilitate it with positive clicker reinforcement (which I’ve been encouraging her to learn). I’m giong to forward this page to her!


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