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Training is Helping

I have been lazy about posting here, but I have not been lazy about going on training runs…so here is an update of those.

I was doing round trips of 20 miles, with a couple of trips back and forth to town a few times a week, which are about 15 miles. When I first started going back and forth to town there were ten hills that I had to walk up. I guess I’m getting fitter, since now there is only one hill that I need to walk up, pushing the bike, and I am not walking as long a distance on that hill, and recover much faster on it.

One day, on my long ride, I detoured, and went by a garden center, putting 40 pounds of top soil in the Bob trailer. My ride for that day ended up being 32 miles long, hauling that top soil 8 miles. Since that was 1/3 of my body weight, that was not nice! On the flat it was great, but I was not on the flat, and I was really getting tossed around by the trailer, hauling that much weight. I decided that I would only be putting about 30 pounds, at the most, in the trailer, for the CTRT.

I upped my training rides to a total of 25 miles, round trip, hauling the Bob, once a week, and did that three times, til it felt easier. Then I filled a milk jug with water, which would be ten pounds, and put that in the trailer, and did the run with that.

Ten pounds of weight
Ten pounds of weight

Last weekend, I did my 2nd ride, with 15 pounds, and my schedule calls for one more ride like that; 25 mile round trip, hauling 15 pounds. Not too bad. Then I will up it to 25 miles, with 20 pounds of weight. Needless to say, rides to town and back are getting easier. No trailer with extra weight in it seems like a treat! Before the end of June, I should have done three long(ish) rides with 20 pounds in the trailer.

My ‘out’ trip has no hills of any consequence, since I am heading for the ocean, and sea level, so if I am hauling more weight, and going a longer distance than I have trained on so far, that shouldn’t be too difficult. And, really, by the time I return, I should be stronger, I hope!

Killer 'S' hill with no shoulder to walk on
Killer ‘S’ hill with no shoulder to walk on

What does my view look like, as I ride around Boundary Bay, heading for the ferry?

Looking ahead, and north
Looking ahead, and north

Where in the world am I?

About 3 hours from the ferry
About 3 hours from the ferry

More next time!