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These days, with the internet, and the iPhone, doing a project such as this is made much easier. People will be able to know where I am, and find me, and also have a look at what I am doing so much easier than before this was available to them. I am going to talk about what I have available thanks to this.

I have many photography apps on my iPhone, and just went through them, getting rid of ones that were not easy to use, and good at what they did. So I now have 25 photography apps which help me make my pictures look better.

Along that same line, I have a gorilla tripod, and after sending four dollars to Japan (and why couldn’t I have found it here?!) I also have a case that I attached to the tripod, to let me use the tripod even better:

gorilla tripod
gorilla tripod

I can attach the camera to the bike while I ride, and video that safely. I’d like some sort of helmet cam, but that can wait for now.

Sessions can be videoed, either for uploading, for many to view, or for showing people attending the event, what is happening. Watching something after it is over can help so much with being able to understand things better.

When I stop to do information sessions on clicker training, I will have handouts available, which are saved in my discussion list File section, where participants can download them from. Those who know me, know that I am using Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels steps, and I also use Dr. Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol steps. I have those saved in audio, on my iPhone, and also as links on my discussion list. So when I am working dogs, or teaching, along the way, these are easily accessible. Having this available virtually, makes it easy. I can’t forget them, and they don’t weigh anything.

Besides these resources, I do have more than 60 videos on You Tube, most on dog training, and these are also quite helpful in showing what I am talking about.

People will be able to keep track of where I am, and to contact me through this blog, but also, of course, I’ll be giving updates on Facebook, allowing last minute meetings, as well as the planning of other meetings and get togethers.

So thanks to the technology we have, these days, I can let people know where I am, and they can easily contact me, allowing us to set up sessions. Handouts and videos are all available, on line, which means all I need to do is let group leaders tell people what they need to access, and go over, before I arrive, making sure we are all on the same page. This saves time spent on explaining the basics to people, and gives them time to spend going over it, making sure that they do understand what I will be doing, or talking about.