These days, with the internet, and the iPhone, doing a project such as this is made much easier. People will be able to know where I am, and find me, and also have a look at what I am doing so much easier than before this was available to them. I am going to talk about what I have available thanks to this.

I have many photography apps on my iPhone, and just went through them, getting rid of ones that were not easy to use, and good at what they did. So I now have 25 photography apps which help me make my pictures look better.

Along that same line, I have a gorilla tripod, and after sending four dollars to Japan (and why couldn’t I have found it here?!) I also have a case that I attached to the tripod, to let me use the tripod even better:

gorilla tripod

gorilla tripod

I can attach the camera to the bike while I ride, and video that safely. I’d like some sort of helmet cam, but that can wait for now.

Sessions can be videoed, either for uploading, for many to view, or for showing people attending the event, what is happening. Watching something after it is over can help so much with being able to understand things better.

When I stop to do information sessions on clicker training, I will have handouts available, which are saved in my discussion list File section, where participants can download them from. Those who know me, know that I am using Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels steps, and I also use Dr. Karen Overall’s Relaxation Protocol steps. I have those saved in audio, on my iPhone, and also as links on my discussion list. So when I am working dogs, or teaching, along the way, these are easily accessible. Having this available virtually, makes it easy. I can’t forget them, and they don’t weigh anything.

Besides these resources, I do have more than 60 videos on You Tube, most on dog training, and these are also quite helpful in showing what I am talking about.

People will be able to keep track of where I am, and to contact me through this blog, but also, of course, I’ll be giving updates on Facebook, allowing last minute meetings, as well as the planning of other meetings and get togethers.

So thanks to the technology we have, these days, I can let people know where I am, and they can easily contact me, allowing us to set up sessions. Handouts and videos are all available, on line, which means all I need to do is let group leaders tell people what they need to access, and go over, before I arrive, making sure we are all on the same page. This saves time spent on explaining the basics to people, and gives them time to spend going over it, making sure that they do understand what I will be doing, or talking about.

Twenty Mile Training Run

Beautiful day, and I rode the furthest I have ridden. One and a half hours out, then turn around and come back, which added up to about 20 miles. My thighs and calves are making little worried sounds…I’ll see how I feel over the next few days.

When I start my trip, in about July, I will be heading west, to the ferry, which is about 30 miles from me. Or it would be, if I were a crow. But being human, I need to go around the giant body of water, which is part of the Pacific Ocean, and called Boundary Bay.

So, when I have ridden an hour, I arrive at Highway 99, and then head north, and that is on a very slight hill. Not too bad though. Today I had two minutes left in my plan of ‘ride toward my goal’ for 90 minutes. At the end of that time I was being squished between Highway 99 and a busy entrance lane of cars on my right.

Being a little tired, with a bit of a sore neck, I knew I would need to stop, get off the bike, turn, and wait for a space, before hurrying across the lane that was merging with the highway. Then I would have been on a downward sloping hill, and well before I reached the bottom, my two remaining minutes would have been up.

So I wisely decided to end that day’s run, and turn around and head back. This is the furthest I have ridden, and really, two minutes would not have made that much of a difference, unless I was tired enough that I got ‘messed up’ trying to make it across that lane. Not a good idea.

So, I got off my bike, in the small painted wedge of pavement, between the two lanes of vehicles (though the one on my right was actually empty at that time) turned, got back on, and wondered how I was going to do working my way 3 miles back to where I got on this highway, because it was all very slightly up hill. But, I did fine. I think I am getting stronger.

Then we (Vinnie and I) headed east, toward the road that leads down across the US/Canada border. We don’t go down it, just cross it, and the shoulders are very wide. We stopped at the store there, and got a garlic sausage bun that a guy was selling there, and had a break. Vinnie is a great passenger, but his tail wags wildly when I open his cage, and lift him out. He was quite impressed with the sausage bun that I shared with him.

Taking a Break

Then, having done 2/3s of our planned run today, it was back on the bike, thinking about the hill I will need to walk up.

Ok, let's go

Ok, let's go

And here is that darned ‘S’ hill. Not nice! Time to get off and push.

Looking down the hill

Looking down the hill

Looking up the hill

Looking up the hill

But the view was pretty:

Blue sky and sunshine

Blue sky and sunshine

We’ll do another run like this in a week or so, when I recover!

Slowly coming together

Here is my Bob trailer on a little shakedown trip. Easy to pull and turn with. We are having a Spring day today!


I hear that Spring is coming!


February 16 2012

I have decided that riding from where I live, to the ferry, crossing on the ferry, and riding to Victoria is too far for one day; and certainly the first day! I think I should stop at either Ladner, or Tsawassen for the end of the first day’s ride. So, if you live in either of those two places, and want to talk about organizing a clicker training info session/seminar/demo (whatever) get ahold of me. We can talk about planning that for whatever evening I arrive. In the meantime, Spring is coming!

February 9th 2012 More thoughts, and preparations

Vinnie is ready to go

I’ve been looking at the route I will start out on, and trying to figure out how long the first day’s ride will be. Pretty long, as I want to get to the ferry, at Tsawwassen, which, if you don’t know, is pronounced either ‘Tawassen’ or ‘Sawassen’, your choice.

Then, there is a ferry ride, which will take either two hours, or three hours, depending if I arrive just in time to miss one, or if I get right onto a ferry, and then the travel to Victoria, which is about an hour, I think.

I have been trying to figure out how long the ride to the ferry will take me, and I have decided it is somewhere between four hours, and six hours. Longer than I have ridden before, anyway!

So that total first day could be ten hours. If I start out at 6 a.m. that should be good. I’d really like to arrive at the ferry by noon.

So, over the next few months I plan to ride out, along that route, then turn around and come back, building up the time I ride.

At first I will go out for one hour, meaning I’ll have ridden two hours when I get back.

I plan to do that three times. Hopefully I get furthur along each time, and also stronger. I’ll do that once a week, hopefully on a sunny day. This coming Saturday was supposed to be sunny, my iPhone weather app said, but has since changed its mind. Well, at least, if it is not pouring, I will still do it.

Then I will ride out either 1 1/2 hours, and back, or, maybe two hours out, and back, three times. That should give me a good idea how much distance I can travel, and also make me stronger.

I want to figure out how long it will take me to get to the half way (on this side) mark. There is one big hill on the way, before the halfway mark.

Yesterday I bought a white light for the front of my bike, and a red light for the back. These are not ‘seeing’ lights, but ‘being seen’ lights, and have four different choices for being on; either various ways of flashing, or on continuosly. Very bright.

I took some video footage the other (sunny) day, to make my ‘announcement’ video about this trip, to go on YouTube. I need a bit more footage, and then will make the video to publicize this trip. So on that day Vinnie got his first ‘real’ ride in his travel basket. He rode lying down, and ate treats happily when I stopped to give them to him. I should have put his sweater on him, of course, since he was not moving, and it was chilly for him.

So that is a little update on ‘the trip’.

The Idea

January 22, 2012  Clicker Training Road Trip

White and Cold

White and Cold

Wide White

Wide White

In about July (weather permitting) I plan to take a bike trip up/around Vancouver Island, (which of course, is on the western edge of Canada) with Vinnie behind me in the bike basket. Purpose? To enjoy myself…but along the way, if there are individuals, or groups who’d like to learn about clicker training, we can have a meeting, and do that.

 No biking for now, it is too cold!

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