I Rode Forty Miles!

Yes, I did!  I got tired of riding 25 miles, and turning around at the same spot, which is the route I’ll be taking, when I start the ‘Clicker Training Road Trip’ in a few weeks, so I headed out in a different direction, planning to go further.  Much further. Vinnie seemed fine as well.  It was a six hour day, though ‘Map My Ride’ says it was a 4+ hour ride.  We had a few stops along the way.  Have a look:   http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/96850083   And today (the day after) I feel fine.  No soreness at all!


Also, I made a group on Facebook, called: ‘Clicker Training Road Trip CTRT’ as a way for people to easily contact me while on the journey.  Please join, no matter where you live, I’d love to hear from you.


Also, please tell others about this project, and spread the word.  I am making a video to explain it, and that will be done in a few days.  Once that’s done I’ll be starting to book places to stop and talk about (and demo) clicker training along the way.  Times in either Ladner or Tsawwassen are available.  Contact me  and we can work out those sessions. Looking forward to meeting you, as is Vinnie.  Vinnie as NEVER met anyone that he doesn’t go wild over, and he’ll be thrilled to meet you, as well.



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