2nd Long Training Ride

I used my Map My Ride app to show this ride.  I planned to ride 1 1/2 hrs out, and then turn around, and come back, making it 3 hours, and probably 20 miles.  Turning around I decided to follow the road that merged onto Hwy 99, but I forgot that I would then be taken way off my route, and it was a long, long, uphill ride.

I met a gentleman also out for a ride, and I learned a lot from him.  He and his friend have their bikes flown somewhere in the world, and spend 3 weeks riding there.  He told me about riding around Ireland.  He complimented me on my ability to ride up the hill.  Well, thank you, but I know he was only being polite.  However, I am a lot stronger than when I started, I can feel that now.

That day I got to my turn around point ten minutes sooner than the previous week.  I wasn’t intentionally going faster, but I guess I am stronger. I turn around before I actually have ridden 1 1/2 hours, because at that point I’d need to cross the street that is merging onto Hwy 99, and then down a lovely long hill, where, of course, I’d need to turn right around, and climb back up.

Most likely, for my next long training ride, I will do 2 hours out, and then back, so I will be going down that hill, and as I seem to be getting stronger each time, hopefully, the climb back up will not be so difficult.

I want to put the Map My Ride ride for that day here.  I also need to find out if I can do that using only my iPhone, as I am not planning on taking my computer with me, on the Clicker Training Road Trip. If anyone knows how I can do that, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

 Does anyone know how I can make the embed thing actually embed? I did copy the code for that, but no luck making it work, below.

40.46 km Road Cycling on 2012-04-15 15:32


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