Twenty Mile Training Run

Beautiful day, and I rode the furthest I have ridden. One and a half hours out, then turn around and come back, which added up to about 20 miles. My thighs and calves are making little worried sounds…I’ll see how I feel over the next few days.

When I start my trip, in about July, I will be heading west, to the ferry, which is about 30 miles from me. Or it would be, if I were a crow. But being human, I need to go around the giant body of water, which is part of the Pacific Ocean, and called Boundary Bay.

So, when I have ridden an hour, I arrive at Highway 99, and then head north, and that is on a very slight hill. Not too bad though. Today I had two minutes left in my plan of ‘ride toward my goal’ for 90 minutes. At the end of that time I was being squished between Highway 99 and a busy entrance lane of cars on my right.

Being a little tired, with a bit of a sore neck, I knew I would need to stop, get off the bike, turn, and wait for a space, before hurrying across the lane that was merging with the highway. Then I would have been on a downward sloping hill, and well before I reached the bottom, my two remaining minutes would have been up.

So I wisely decided to end that day’s run, and turn around and head back. This is the furthest I have ridden, and really, two minutes would not have made that much of a difference, unless I was tired enough that I got ‘messed up’ trying to make it across that lane. Not a good idea.

So, I got off my bike, in the small painted wedge of pavement, between the two lanes of vehicles (though the one on my right was actually empty at that time) turned, got back on, and wondered how I was going to do working my way 3 miles back to where I got on this highway, because it was all very slightly up hill. But, I did fine. I think I am getting stronger.

Then we (Vinnie and I) headed east, toward the road that leads down across the US/Canada border. We don’t go down it, just cross it, and the shoulders are very wide. We stopped at the store there, and got a garlic sausage bun that a guy was selling there, and had a break. Vinnie is a great passenger, but his tail wags wildly when I open his cage, and lift him out. He was quite impressed with the sausage bun that I shared with him.

Taking a Break

Then, having done 2/3s of our planned run today, it was back on the bike, thinking about the hill I will need to walk up.

Ok, let's go
Ok, let's go

And here is that darned ‘S’ hill. Not nice! Time to get off and push.

Looking down the hill
Looking down the hill
Looking up the hill
Looking up the hill

But the view was pretty:

Blue sky and sunshine
Blue sky and sunshine

We’ll do another run like this in a week or so, when I recover!


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